Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sem 2 Is Starting!

Holla, I'm back. Being busy this lately until I'm forgot or maybe lazy to update entry😅
Cuti sebulan yang berbaki 2 minggu hari tu pun tak sempat dah nak luang masa dengan blog sebab busy spend time dengan family. We had a short trip to Melaka, Johor Bahru, and Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. Great time, great holiday.

Now, that's not the point. Sekarang cuti sebulan dah habis. So, back to normal! Sem 2 is very tough, guys. You have to focus your study and assignment at the same time. Kena seimbangkan dua-dua ni. Kalau tak memang kecundang habislah. Baru minggu pertama tau, tetiba dah rasa macam pressure sikit. Nak buat macam mana, kan. STPM is very tough. Lagi 1 sem je nak kena habiskan. Sabarlah duhai hati. And prepare myself for presentatio and the other stuff.

So, I will back soon whenever I'm in free time. 
Oh, it's not to late for wishing you guys a Happy New Year 2017. Hope you have a nice day and be happy in every situation you're through it.

1) Choose happiness. Always choose happiness over everything, and surround yourself only with those who bring that out of you every day And if you are torn between two kinds of happiness, choose the one that pours out of yourself.
2) When someone constantly hurts you or disrespects you, they no longer care enough. There is a fine line between loving too hard and abusing the privilege. Learn the difference and walk away from that.
3) Be kind, genuinely. I know you hear this often, but everyone is fighting a different battle. It doesn’t make yours or theirs less significant, so please, give people the benefit of the doubt and be kind.
4) Experience is all a part of growing up. All the good and all the bad events that happen to you, treasure it as a growth opportunity. Some nights you question why it must happen and some day you will laugh at its reason for happening.
5)Follow your dreams. Chase them, run so fast and so hard you feel as if you legs will turn into jello, and then continue to walk towards it. It is much more fulfilling to live a passionate life than make money from a job you could live without. Don’t let obstacles hold you back.
6) Resolutions only mean so much if you are not willing to stick by it.. make your “resolutions” a life style. If it’s to be healthy, to read more, to be braver, then do so without limiting yourself to a year. And when you fail, forgive yourself, and try again. Be easy on yourself and don’t give up.

Always keep in touch with me ya.


Izzati Sarafina Hanis said... [Reply]

macam nak nangis bila first time pergi sekolah! dahlah exam penting tahun ni! sabar jalah! T^T

Eyqa Zq said... [Reply]

Lets strive for better 2017. Hehe.

fil said... [Reply]

all the best bebeh =)

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