Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Note To Friends

I learned that it's not the quantity of how many years you may have known someone but it's the quality of your friendship/relationship. I've known people for years and I barely talk to any of them till this day. If someone really wants to be apart of your life, they would make an effort to. Don't be the person who only gets a text when it's beneficial for them or because they're bored. People like that are not worth your time and your time is precious. Be surrounded by people who actually wants to be in your life instead of taking up space. Either come in my life and stay or get left. Simple.

Wherever you are. Please take care of yourself and don't forget for every each of moment that we've been through. 
I love you, Buddyz.


Salya said... [Reply]

Hello ^^

anajingga said... [Reply]

hye siti :) singgah sambil follow blog comel ni #264 :)

Syamsid Dhuha said... [Reply]

Auww what a really nice of you , you make your friends feel blessed in this post , they will definitely love you more . Eventhough I'm not include in this post . haha just kidding but still I want to thank you for such a nice post . Relations are important and I will keep that in mind . Have a nice day Syilah :)

Scya Lollita said... [Reply]

nowadays i value friendships more than before since everybody has their 'own' life after this. but, bestfriend never quit, right?

SITI SYILAH said... [Reply]

@Scya Lollita I agree so much for your statement, Scya :)

SITI SYILAH said... [Reply]

@Syamsid Dhuha thankyou so much and for the lovely support :)

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