Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tag Question by Liyana

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Syilah kena tag question by Liyana HEHE. So here my answer :)

1. Do you ever watch "The Outfield Movie"? lol
Of coz pernah. Kan Syilah ni kaki movie. Cameron Dallas & Nash Grier. OMG! :p

2. List top 5 of your current favourite song
-Like I'm Gonna Lose You
-Hotline Bling
-Make You Feel My Love
-Nothing Like Us

3. Who is your favourite internet star?
Masih mencari? HEHE. Idk huhu

4. What type of shoes do you like?

5. Tell us your story behind your current url blog :)
"SitiSyilah". Gabungan nama sendiri iaitu Siti Nurasyilah.

 So, giliran Syilah pula :)

Tag Question by Siti Syilah

1. Do you like anime? If so, what your fav anime?
2. Which place would you like to go?
3. List 5 fav of your movies/anime/cartoon.
4. What you want to do in your life?
5. Which blogger you like most? Link their url here :)

Tag: Syamsid | Opi | Idiey | Otaku | Lulu

Thank you Liyana sudi tag Syilah :)


ID CHLYSE said... [Reply]

Haha. Thanks tagg yaa sis! :D

Scya Lollita said... [Reply]

converse ! sep sikit!


terima kasih tag opi :)

Syamsid Dhuha said... [Reply]

Woahh . Thank you . Give me for an hour to answered all of your questions :)

Syamsid Dhuha said... [Reply]

Alright here's the link . Once again thank you for tagging me :)

Liyana said... [Reply]

Thanks jawab !
yeahh , haha . huhuh , kalau liyana selalu waswas bila nak pakai kasut converse . lol . idk why .

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