Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nobody Prepares You For Heartbreak

Hello guys. It's been a week I didn't update my blog. Sorry, it's school holiday, so I'm really busy spending my time with family ^^

So, my topic today about heartbreak again. For those who missed my update, you may click this link

For that ache you feel all over. The way you feel when the person who means the world to you suddenly looks at you like you mean nothing. That feeling like you got punched in the fucking stomach.

When the person you love suddenly decides that you’re not what they want anymore, you’re no longer good enough. Or maybe they say it’s not you its them, they’re not in the right place for a relationship, or maybe you’re too good for them. No matter what their goddamn reasoning is nothing will stop you from feeling like you’re going to throw up even when you haven’t eaten in days, and the constant feeling like you’re going to break into tears even if you’ve cried yourself dry. The constant shivering even if you know you’re not cold but even if you were they won’t be there to hold you anymore. Nothing and I mean nothing will stop you from the constant wondering and overwhelming sadness because you weren’t good enough.

Nobody prepared you for heartbreak. Nobody warned you not to fall for the boy with deep blue eyes and devilish smirk. Nobody told you not to fall in love or not to make him your happiness. And fuck nobody gave you the slightest warning about how fucking awful it feels when they leave.

Because sure you can warn someone that if it doesn’t work out they will cry. You can tell them they’ll be sad for a while and you can tell them it’ll hurt to see his smile and know you’re not the reason anymore. But my god, there is no possible way to prepare someone for the overall ache that comes along when the person they love decides that they don’t want them anymore.

Nobody prepares you for heartbreak, but that’s because nobody can really prepare a person for that kind of fucking pain. ” — holy fuck I didn’t know I could feel this bad

I know you’re upset about him. It’s okay, be upset, cry, scream into your pillow till you think you’ve lost your voice. But looking back on this stupid boy who broke your heart in the future, you’ll laugh at him, Laugh because he thought he was doing the right thing at the right time. Turns out he wasn’t because he lost something amazing. And you’ll thank him. Thank him for making you stronger, and to say to hell with him, I’m great. But most importantly you’ll appreciate what he did, because without him leaving you wouldn’t have found the amazing boy you’re with now.

So, that's my little bit sharing about the feeling of heartbreak. I hope for those out there who having a heartbreak became more strong and never give up on life!

Till we meet again! 

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