Monday, April 11, 2016

Don't Be a CopyCat. Be Yourself!

We’ve all been in a situation where a sibling or maybe a friend chooses, for whatever reason, to copy you. It may be simply words, actions, or clothing choices, but when someone takes those things and acts as if they are their own, it can be pretty frustrating. What about copy cats in the professional realm? When someone takes someone else’s ideas as their own, it becomes a much more heinous act. One that can destroy careers and relationships.

Yes, that what I feel right now. It's been a long days I noticed that people imitate what I do, To be honest, it's annoying me. Like what? Can you just be yourself? What I have, what I do, all you want. I don't understand why. Sometimes, you show off that you have everything but you don't actually.
Why you must acting like this? Don't you like being yourself? 

I don't know should I face you to talk about this? You know why I always kept in silent?
Because I'm afraid you're feeling offensive towards me.

But the more I kept in silent and the more I look the way you copy me, it make me so angry. What can I do? If I talk, did you listen to me? No. In fact, you will chide me at social sites and farther away. And it's becomes worst.
I don't want that happen. What can I do? *sigh

So, I hope that you can change yourself. 
People will avoid you when you copy them. Tell me who like copycat what you have?
DO NOT imitate what I do. 
DO NOT show off what you haven't.
How long you want live like this?

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Sop said... [Reply]

be original :)
copycat never ending story.. huhu

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