Saturday, July 15, 2017

MUET Speaking

Hi guys. Wohoo. Back again🙋
Actually masa lepas habis MUET Speaking tu nak update blog tapi tak kesampaian sebab busy.
Alhamdulillah, finally selesai 1 task. Another 3 task is waiting me which is Writing, Reading and Listening on 5 August.

So, group Syilah kira 5 group yang pertama waktu pepagi tu. Alhamdulillah again, dapat task yang senang. Soalan dia lebih kurang sebegini:
  • A good team comprises a member with different qualities. What are these qualities?
Candidate A: willingness to contribute ideas
Candidate B: willingness to accept different views
Candidate C: willingness to cooperate
Candidate D: willingness to work hard

Lain-lain soalan yang Syilah dapat setakat ni pula ialah:

  • The suitable documentary to attract visitor to Malaysia.
Candidate A: Popular street food
Candidate B: Malaysian festival
Candidate C: Traditional performances
Candidate D: Visit historical site

  • What kind of gift that you will give to our foreign guest?
  • The best way to get a job in the future.
Candidate A: Temporary job
Candidate B: Workshop
Candidate C: Community skills
Candidate D: Latest information about the job

So, setakat tu jelah yang Syilah dapat infonya. Syilah dapat Candidate B tau. And I hope me and whoever take exam MUET will get band 3 above. Amiin, Insya Allah😃

My classmates, my family.
6 Amanah 2016/2017💓

Candid photo.

These photo all taken yesterday. 

Thank you for reading.
See ya in next entry.

p/s: I have an exam this Monday and Tuesday. Wish me luck😉


Eeiou _ said... [Reply]

You did your best I guess. Wish you the best for the result!

Zara Nabilah said... [Reply]

Good luck! :)

Aiman said... [Reply]

u have done what u need to do for speaking. so sekarang focus pada the rest task. all the best for upcoming task :D


izzati haruno said... [Reply]

Good luck sis ^o^♡

amira faqihah said... [Reply]

goodluck ! :D

Ada Abdullah said... [Reply]

how was your MUET EXAM? Wish you good luck when :)

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