Saturday, February 22, 2020


Healing usually means thinking too deeply about something then getting upset over it or crying when you least expect it. It means that you spend a lot of time alone pretending that you’re okay but in reality you’re completely numb from everything. Healing involves a lot of “you can do this” moments and months of pain and ache. There will be many phases of insanity and deep breathes. Sometimes healing is you waking up at 3am crying over something that happened months ago or lying still because the pain doesn’t seem to budge anymore. But healing can also bring moments of happiness and joy. It can give you a chance to start over and live again. Healing can teach you that the pain doesn’t last forever or that there is still so much to live for. It gives you a reason to smile and wake up feeling thankful for everything. But most importantly it teaches you that the world will continue to hurt you but you must learn to be stronger, wiser and happier.

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