Saturday, July 27, 2019


Promises are just like illusions.

In the beginning, they keep you happy and lead to expectations.
And when expectations break, they lead to disappointments. 
And disappointments leads to sadness, unstable mood and a dull of behaviour.

I don't know why these days promises are just nothing. You keep giving promises to someone but end up you're the one who broke it. 
You asking them for not leaving you, but you're the one who leave them.

Did you know that once the heart gets too heavy with pain, people don't cry anymore. They just turn silent, completely silent. And they became someone else, not theirself anymore. It's really take time to rebuild the strengths that we had once before. 
How easy huh for someone to destroy the trust we had in them. Don't you think about their heart and the trust that have been broken because of you?

Everyone says, love hurts, break up hurts, trusting hurts, but little did you know what actually hurts?
The expectation that other people won't hurt us :')

But sometimes I think that the only solution is to let go. It hurts but not more than being in such a relationship where you get few minutes happiness and hours sadness. 

So yeah, accept your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, and face your future without fear. 

Last but not least, one day.
I hope you look back at what we had. And you regret every single thing that you did to let it end.

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