Thursday, March 10, 2016

How To Get Over Heartbreak

So, my entry today about how we handle situition when moving on and some quotes about how to get over heartbreak.

Nearly every person I have ever spoken to has told me some version of this statement, “I was hurt, so I built a wall around my heart to protect myself.” How judgmental of an act to assume that every human being on Earth is a carbon copy of your past predator. How unjust to your soul to keep yourself from making genuine connections with human beings. How unkind to think that because someone hurt you they must be evil to their core. By making yourself a victim you turned yourself into a victimizer. So here’s some tough love for you - Stop sulking. Make an effort to heal instead of weighing every relationship you have down with your baggage. Stop romanticizing your pain and wearing it like a badge of honor. Stand up. Dust yourself off. Recognize that the human body, heart, and soul are more resilient than you give them credit for. Stop hurting other people because you are too weak to take control of your life back. Walls are for cowards. Compassion is for the brave.” — Moving on

#1 Forgive your heartbreaker. Forgive the way they walked into your life and forgive the way they left. Forgive the melody of their lie when they said they loved you and forgive the harmony of their truth when they admitted to you that they never did. Forgive the way they touched you so gently, for they took advantage of the way you appreciated their touch and burned you. Forgive them. Not for them, but for you. To fix a heart that’s broken, you must forgive the person who broke it.

#2 Locate all of the pieces to your heart after the heartbreak. When it broke, it combusted and the pieces flew in all directions. It is a necessity that you find where all of the pieces went after its great shatter because depression seems to be everywhere which makes it easy for your heart to fall into it. Immediately, start looking for where the pieces to your heart went. Find the pieces lying in depression and get them out of there. Find the pieces lying in self-pity and get them out of there. Find the pieces lying in shame and get them out of there. Find the pieces lying in self hate and get them out of there. Find the pieces lying in other shards of glass and get them out of there. You will find your heart in many places after it is broken and some of those places will convince you that you aren’t worth it. Do not let your heart linger in the idea of you being worthless. Get your heart’s pieces out of depression, self-pity, shame, self-hate, and shards of glass immediately because yes, your heartbreaker made you upset and it’s okay that you are, but your heartbreaker should not take authority of your heart, demanding that it stays upset about them. Get that piece of your heart out of permanent sadness quickly, kiss it, caress it, and drown it in happiness that only you can provide.

#3 Think about the life you had before you met your lover. You were living before them; never forget that. Was your life happy beforehand or sad? If it was happy, get back into that lifestyle and make it even better. If it was sad, start looking for the true meaning of happiness, which will be an adventure. You are allowed to live again after your heart is broken. Sure, your heartbreaker took your heart but don’t let them take your life! You’ve had beautiful memories before your heart broke. Relive those memories so the pieces can glue back to each other again. You’ve lived a beautiful life before your life collided with another’s. Be excited to see the beauty in life without your heartbreaker. You’ve done it once, you can do it again.

#4 Get to know yourself. Your heart yearned for your lover before but now that it knows the result of putting itself into their hands, it will want something better than that. Your heart will always yearn for something different since it knows that what it used to yearn for broke it. So, get to know your heart! What does it beat for? What stops its beating? What makes your heart happy? What depresses your heart? What makes your heart laugh? What makes your heart cry? What does your heart want? Only you can know that because someone will approach you with an enchanting set of eyes and a charming smile and try to tell you what your heart wants. If you truly know what your heart longs for, then no one else can tell you what they think your heart longs for. Know your heart, guard it with your knowledge, and set a passcode up for its entrance. So, when a heartbreaker comes about, the heart will be protected from them.

Stay away from your heartbreaker in disguise. There are more people out there who are willing to break your heart again and though they may seem sweet, you have to learn from your past experiences. You have to know that your heart deserves more than being broken forever. Your heart being broken by your lover will now show you who you should give your heart to next and like it always did, you will see that your heart will be perfectly fine in your own hands for a while. There may be someone out there for you and your heart, but for now, be that someone. Do not break your own heart. Just because you are familiar with how your heart breaks, do not take advantage of your knowledge and break it yourself. You are allowed to be upset, angry, and confused but don’t let your thoughts and your emotions get ahold of your heart. It was broken and I promise you that your heart didn’t like it being broken and if you are next in line for the breaking, imagine how the heart will feel. Have emotions and feelings but don’t let those emotions and feelings have your heart. The heart does not want for its pieces to be scattered everywhere due to the person you loved and the heart certainly does not want for itself to break due to the person who owns it. Take care of yourself and take care of your heart. It’s important that you are there for your heart because it’s been through so much and it needs you to heal its wounds. Be the one for your heart. It’s perfectly okay to love your own heart. 

So, ends here. Till we meet again and thank you for reading! :)


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