Monday, December 5, 2016

I Wonder...

I always wonder why there are so many problems in our lives? But then I realize that, if there are no struggles, there would be no progress.

For now, I think I rather focus on what matters. Stop being so negative about everything and just go with the flow. I want to appreciate what's left for me. Those people who stayed, I want to cherish them forever. Because I realize, nothing lasts forever. So I am going to appreciate every single person/thing in my life. There is no guarantee that we can live another day. So live your life now and say to those people that they mean something to you.

Don't give up, yet. Ok? Because God has better plans for each one of us. You will be just fine. For now, hang in there.

People are allowed to leave you. People are allowed to break up with you. People are allowed to love you but not want to be with you. People are allowed to not want to talk to you. People are allowed to put their happiness before yours and do what makes them happy even if it does not include you. People are allowed to move on from you. People are allowed to fall in love with someone else. People are allowed to not want you in their life. People are allowed to do whatever they want to better themselves and become the version of themselves they are trying so hard to love. Don’t be bitter towards someone who is only trying to be happy.

Always remember that.
And you should face the truth. and you should move forward. It's hard but nothing is impossible.

Now, find your happiness. Do what makes you happy. Be happy.
You gotta let go of your past, what makes you unhappy and anything that makes you sad.
Live life to the fullest. Go out with your friends. Have fun. No regrets. You only live once. 😊

And remember that it's okay to make mistakes. We make and made mistakes all the time.
Let's learn from our mistakes & grow as a person. It's better.

Much better.


Niaisyahlah said... [Reply]


Razanah Anis said... [Reply]

Well, there would be no rainbow if the rain didn't pour itself.. The same applies to life.. Salam kenal from me.. ^^

Ayu Farahana said... [Reply]

Senang nak berkata tapi nak terimanya..but stil everything happens for reason so just accept it :D

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